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Pity/Gif Party?

Guys, I've been at home sick all day with a mysterious flu, and I've been so bored and felt so crummy, and the one thing I've looked forward to all day was that Mr Cat's Pyjamas was planning to come over, and was like "Oh, I just want to help you feel better.".

And now he's not coming, because his work has taken him too long and he needs to work on it all weekend. So I won't see him until Tuesday (and he says he's set aside the whole day for me, but he has to be at a rehearsal at 6, and he never gets over here until the late afternoon because he sleeps so late, so...). And he was supposed to come over at 9:30 and didn't tell me he wasn't going to until I texted him at 7:30.

And he's doing tech for a show for the next two weeks in a festival, plus working clean up crew for the festival, so I'll barely see him until close to the end of the month, I feel like. That's why I was hoping to see him this weekend. Argh.


Very sad and frustrated about something pretty inconsequential.

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