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Pity party update

I posted two days ago about my daughter’s not being in touch with me for several months, though apparently she had been in touch w/her dad/stepmom:

Her stepmom texted me the next day (she is much nicer than her husband) and said that she had been the one to reach out to Daughter, texting her on Thanksgiving, and Daughter had simply said that she was having dinner with friends in the city; her stepmom thought D had been in one of these spirals she gets into where she dreads contacting people she thinks will be mad at her and so she doesn’t do it and then she’s more afraid they will be mad at her: for the past couple of months, she hadn’t been responding even to texted pictures of their dogs being cute. So who knows what factors play into that: work, personal life, or just being busy with moving (unfortunately stepmom didn’t get her new address). It’s funny how her “she always picks up when I call” dad seemed so blithely unconcerned; one might dismiss him as clueless but in the past he’s been more clued-in than I was on a couple of occasions about the boys.


When she goes out of contact like this I worry, though, even though it’s something she does. I can’t take it for granted that she’s OK because I know bad shit happens.

I appreciate everyone’s answers to my last post. I’m going to let my brain work on them for a few days; I am thinking for now to try calling or texting this weekend or next or else waiting till her brother is here (he arrives on the 18th) and texting then, assuming I haven’t heard from her yet.

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