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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Pizza Math and Crying Babies

Mr. Carbs and Mrs. Carbs went out for pizza. They got a large pepperoni that had eight slices. Mrs. Carbs had three slices and Mr. Carbs had two. How many slices were there leftover? What fraction of the pizza was left? To share the pizza equally, what fraction of the pizza could Mr. Carbs have when he got home? Also why is Mr. Carbs nickel and diming Mrs. Carbs over pizza? GIVE ME ALL OF IT.

You know the pizza is good when you keep tabs on how much each other consumed so they don’t end up getting more than you.


Maybe I’m just biased but i love the cries Baby Carbs. They are cute and sweet and funny and I know I’m supposed to take care of her when she cries and I do but I can’t help but smile sometimes. Really trying to soak all the baby-ness in, ya know? What weird thing do you love about babies? If you like them that is. I also love baby pouty faces.(disclaimer crying and pouty babies are cute and squee when they are not in danger, rather they are just general baby complaints)

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