Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(no actual bets will be placed)

1. Do you think the wall will ever* get built?

2. Do you think the muslim ban will ever be put into law?

3. Do you think the anti-LGBT religious freedom EO will ever be released

4. Do you think the ACA will ever be repealed?

5. Do you think Dems will take back the house in 2018?

6. Do you think Dems will take back the senate in 2018?

7. Do you think DJT will be found to have colluded with Russia to influence the election?


7a. If your answer to #7 is yes, do you think it will cost him the presidency?

8. Do you think Roe v wade will get rolled back?

9. Do you think DJT will be found incapable (due to neurological or psychiatric issues) of being president?

10. Do you think he will get tired of “winning” and somehow back out of the presidency?

11. Do you think DJT will be impeached?

11a. If you said that you think he will be impeached, do you think Pence will be named president - or do you think the election will be deemed wholly illegitimate and something completely different will have to happen? Or ...?


12. Do you think marriage equality will get rolled back?

13. Do you still hold out hope Hillary could still be president?

* ever in all instances means while DJT is president.

Bonus question: does the woman who asked the question of Ivanka today remind you of this:

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