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Places I applied yesterday!

So I went to the mall yesterday and talked to someone at Sephora. She said they weren't really hiring, but that when the general manager looked at my application, she would call me if she was interested. I brought a few copies of my resume to drop off at other places, but only the JCPenney Sephora actually took it. Everyone else said they couldn't take it. So I applied at Dillards, Ulta, and the JCPenney Sephora. The lady at the JCP Sephora said that her manager was at lunch, but that she would pass it along and that she was actually leaving in a couple months, so I think that's my best bet. I think either tomorrow or Friday I'll start calling places back and trying to speak with someone. I feel like if I actually got to introduce myself I could get hired. I'm super personable and I just wish it was easier to talk to a manager.


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