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Places with bad vibes

Now that the sinus infection o'doom from last week is on the mend, I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather today to go for a run. I'm very slowly working through Zombies, Run! Usually I go to the gym and run on their very tiny, boring outdoor track, but today I went to a nearby lake and was jogging around.

There are a couple of little footpaths which branch off of the main circle. I've been on some of them before with my husband/dog, and chose one that I've hiked before.

As I was walking, I remembered that ahead there was a little utility shed of some kind that's clearly been abandoned for a long time. It's maybe five feet by five feet, covered in graffiti, and boarded up—the city has had economic troubles since the 60s, and this shed hasn't been utilized in forever. It's a little creepy looking, but whatever—it was broad daylight, lots of people on the lake not too far from me, others running, etc. I wasn't feeling anxious or nervous about things until I got to the shed.


You guise. As I ran up the hill with the shed on my left, I suddenly felt overwhelmingly scared. Like, I wanted to vomit. I ran maybe 5 steps past it and the feeling of doom was so incredibly overpowering that I said "Oh hell no," turned around and FLEW down the hill at high speeds. It bothered me so much just walking past this place that I wanted to tell the bikers who were riding up the hill behind me not to go there. When I got home again and was telling my husband, I felt sick again.

Why does this happen? Has anyone else ever felt this way without any reason? All I know is I'm never running that trail again.


The above gif was clearly what I looked like.

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