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Places you've never been and are embarrassed to admit

Help distract me from the fact that Freddy McFungus is back and I have to spend the weekend cleaning out incubators.

Where have you never been that you're embarrassed to admit has been omitted from your travels?

For me it's a toss up between Canada and Northern Ireland.


It can be a neighboring country, a city, or some sort of a monument/tourist attraction (never been to Blarney Castle either, despite having been to Cork many many times, but I'm not so embarrassed about that).

ETA. This is really *not* intended to be a classist post to shame people who haven't traveled abroad. My intention was more places that are close/cheap to where you currently live or have lived- i.e. my roommate grew up roughly an hour from Washington DC and she's never been to the White House, and my ex was born and raised in Scotland but he's never been to Glasgow.

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