Guys, I'm embarrassed at my failure to be a proper, responsible adult. Had to purchase ye olde Plan B for the second time this year... Not only am I feeling super nauseated at the moment, my feelings of shame from this afternoon have not been abated despite the bottle of brut rosé I used to chase it down with. Do pharmacy technicians get specifically trained on giving the look, otherwise known to the younguns' as 'side eye,' when presented with 'unlocking' this product for a customer?

I'll have you know pharmacy lady, I'm married. My mama didn't raise no hussy! Now just try to be discrete and give me my damn pill!

Grrr! Really, I think the issue is that I need to find a birth control that will work for me. I'm obviously not responsible, and can't be relied upon to take any medication with any degree of consistency/regularity. My experiences with BC in the past have not been great, but I know there is incredible variety in terms of what's available. An IUD is not an option, but what about patches - I think maybe that would be a better option for me. Anyone with experience with this type of BC?