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Planegina Was Sexist and Profane and Someone Should've Been Fired

So US Airways came out with a statement basically saying that the "planegina" scandal was an honest mistake due to a mix-up. See, some poor social media expert that they put in charge of their Twitter was just trying to report the profane photo to Twitter and accidentally copy-pasted it in their reply to a complaining customer!


Gosh golly!

Because there's no way, given the tenor of that conversation, that someone didn't think, "Ugh, fuck her. If she's going to be a cunt, I'll show her a cunt."

Because let's be real — that is absolutely what happened.

Naturally, no one will be fired. And the commentariat at Gawker is applauding this as a "mature decision."



It's people laughing behind their hands because, after all, only a woman was offended anyway.


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