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I am not a fan of big gym chains by any means, and usually their silly marketing campaigns and slogans are at best meaningless and at worst, offensive. But to give credit where it's due, Planet Fitness really took it's slogan "Judgement Free Zone" to heart in the best way.

In a Midland, Michigan Planet Fitness, one gym member took it on herself to complain about a "man" using the women's locker rooms which in her own words made her "freaked out" - she loudly warned other gym members to not go in the locker room, and then formally complained to the employee at the desk, who politely informed her that the individual in question identified as a woman and so she was allowed to use the women's locker room.

The angry gym member, loathe to give up so easily, then called the Planet Fitness corporate office who released a statement and confirmed that it was their official company wide policy to allow any individual to use the locker room of the gender they identified as and they would not validate her complaints.


And in my favorite part, the corporate representative then informed her that based on her attitude and actions, she was in direct violation of their "no judgement zone" policy and her user agreement with them and told her she was no longer welcome and promptly cancelled her membership.

So kudos to you, Planet Fitness, for not only having a great policy to begin with, but for standing behind it on every level and refusing to serve or tolerate those who do not tolerate others.

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