Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Five really good movies. Ok Escape was rather dull.

From best to worst.

Planet of The Apes interesting story, exciting classic film

Battle of The POTA a timeless story about repression with lack of caring and dignity. Results are always the same, the repressed rebel.


Conquest of POTA fun story but shows an alternate future where Apes learn the lesson that those on top need to have caring and give dignity. This was the final scene.

Beneath POTA I hated the ending. Totally lazy. Its like the writers said "Ok thats it lets just end it".


Escape POTA I just found it boring. Interesting at times but my least favorite. Well tied with Beneath.

I am not including the TV movies that were cobbled together from the TV series because I really don't recall details.

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