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Planned Parenthood Rally and March Today

Hi everyone! I went to the Planned Parenthood Rally and March today! It was a great day. We had unseasonably warm weather (thanks, global warming) and turn out of what looked like a few thousand people. A nice mix including all ages and a good amount of men even. A lot of 8-12ish kids were there, which was cool, with signs like “my generation votes next.”

We marched around town, had speakers, and then all got lunch at restaurants in the Grove (a fun neighborhood) where all the restaurants were donating part of their proceeds from lunch today to Planned Parenthood St. Louis.

We had police escorts, both in cars blocking the route so we could walk without being run over, and on bikes.


We walked past the downtown PP (the ONLY abortion clinic in Missouri), and the row of police on bikes keep a nice line between us and the pro-life protesters. Our group, out of respect for patients going to PP, were silent as we passed it, and the protesters were, too. Maybe it was the cops? Dunno. Don’t care. Glad for one day at least people going to Planned Parenthood didn’t have to get yelled at by asshole protesters.

I got some shirts and buttons as a Valentine’s gift to myself.

My favorite crowd chant was “tiny hands, tiny feet, all he does is tweet tweet tweet”!

Here are some pictures!


Looking at the crowd from a hill before the march started. People were still filing in even after we started walking, and a lot of people who couldn’t do the 1.6 mile march just set up somewhere along the way with posters and chairs.


Looking back at the crowd when we were walking up to the overpass over I-64.


Same location, just showing more crowd of awesome people.

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