I'm a planner. I don't always stick to my plans, but I feel far less anxious when I have a set schedule to follow or disregard at my own discretion. I'm that person who created charts for my entire week during a semester, from waking to sleeping. It included travel time, study time, classes, exercise, meals, and classes. I did it in Word so I could color-code everything and merge cells to create blocks of time. I've done the same thing for meal planning. I like my plans, a lot.

My soon-to-be former employer is not a good planner. I work at a daycare center that has run out of basic supplies in the past, more than once. I mean things like baby wipes, tissues, soap, and paper towels. One of my coworkers is away for the week. My boss knew in advance that she would be away. She's our closer. Guess when I was asked if I could close for the week? Thursday last week, the first day of her vacation. This has happened before and will happen again after I leave. I asked what time I would be needed until and was told the last child leaves at 6:30. Fine, I can stay an extra half hour except last Friday. No big deal, annoying, but I can deal with it. Today the child that I thought leaves at 6 didn't get picked up at 6, so I checked her ever-changing schedule. She's a 7pm pick up today and tomorrow. I had plans to visit a woman who lost her husband on Tuesday tonight, to help make a minyan (quorum for prayer) at 7pm. So much for that. I also have standing dinner plans at 7pm on Fridays. I'm pissed that no only can my boss not plan in advance, she can't even be bothered to give me accurate information when she requests last minute help.

I'm so glad I'm leaving.