My friend's bridal shower is next month, so me and the rest of the bridesmaids/MOH have been trying to plan this to the best of our ability. We're young (early 20s) and tight on money and whatnot and have little experience doing wedding-related stuff. Anyway, the MOH recently mailed out invitations for the surprise bridal shower we're throwing for the bride. We invited some of her friends and some of her family friends—but we're only inviting women and trying to keep the guest list low since we're catering and have to do favors and stuff.

Anyway, the bride's mom's friends asked the MOH if they could bring their kids. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO! The MOH can't really say anything, so she agreed. I don't fault her at all, and that's such an annoying position to put someone in. And it's not like we could get the bride's mom to say something because those are her friends, and the bride's mom has a young kid of her own.

Anyway, I'm very fucking annoyed. Like, who wants to have a bridal shower infiltrated with kids? We're already not sure if many of the bride's friends are going to be able to make it because of timing and travel. So I feel like it's going to be a shower with us, her mom/family, her mom's friends, maybe a few of her friends, and then a bunch of kids. Why can't you get a babysitter? Or leave your kids with your husband for a couple of hours? It's on a freaking Saturday afternoon.

I don't know. I guess it's our fault for not specifying. But we're so inexperienced at all of this, you know? I can't say that I was expecting this.

I guess I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I'm frustrated. I'm sure everything will go fine. And just to clarify—this post wasn't made to bash on kids. I think most kids are awesome, and I've always been really good with kids. It's just annoying when parents bring kids to events that aren't meant for kids, you know? You have ample time to make arrangements for them. It's also annoying as an event planner—now you have to potentially increase your already tight budget to accommodate more people.