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Plans for the Day?

I have a lot I want to do today. I want to make two big meals to eat off of all week. In all fairness, 1 is chili and the other is a casserole which I’m using frozen veggies for, so there won’t be a lot of actual work in the kitchen.

I need to clean and do laundry. While laundry will get done, instead of cleaning I have this overwhelming desire to reorganize my kitchen area. Basically, it looks like shit and I want it to look halfway decent. This will entail clearing out several junk drawers and I most likely will get halfway done and then say fuck it.

I would love to get a walk in, but the weather is rain with rain and then plans for more rain. I might go to the gym around like 2pm when it’s dead on Sundays.


Anybody else have (unrealistic) goals for the day?

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