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Plantings & Projects: What's going on in your yard? (+OT)

My tank top, cut~off shorts & sweatiness tell me Summertime is finally here!! I’ve got a small furry animal atop my head in a ponytail holder because my neck said, “Heck! No!” It’s the early stages of heat~humid summer here in the Northeast, but I’ll take the sweaty heat even if I can’t have fresh summer vegetables yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve planted NOTHING at my own house, but plenty at Mr. 4th’s. Sadly, I don’t have peektures from there. I DO have a peekture of the first rose bush I ever planted at my house nearly 2 decades ago...Pinky Rose gets no attention yet comes back to me every year. She’s a gift that keeps on giving if I trim her spent blooms just right.


As for my backyard as a whole, the PAIR OF DIGGERS Mookie & Walligator have wrecked my shit. It was beautiful once, but hey, I’ll take my digger dawg’s love over a lily any day. It will sort itself out someday.

What have you planted that you love? What yard projects are you working on? Need advice or have advice?? Vegetable gardeners, what are you doing or worried about??

Open Thread, too, for any of you tomatoes:)

ETA: I want & need your pictures (peektures) because it’s important to me:) GIMME!

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