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Plastic Surgery Question

I'm applying to jobs now, and to distract myself from the misery I'm thinking about what it would be like when I eventually have a steady income. I've always wanted a nose job to remove my 'bump' and narrow/shape my nose a bit. So I decided to research prices and all, for fun and for distraction.

I think I might possibly have a deviated septum because it's a little harder to breathe through my one nostril. It's barely noticeable but it could get the surgery covered by my (really good) insurance. So uh...can I just go to an ear nose and throat specialist and ask if I have a deviated septum? Or do you think I have to actually have bad symptoms? Or can I go to a plastic surgeon and ask (and then if the answer is no, basically say 'see ya in a few years when I can afford it')?


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