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Remember being a kid and waking up sick, and your mom or dad would call the school and you'd get to stay home that day and watch bad daytime television? You were fine the night before, but you woke up gross and evil with viruses?

Yeah, that's me, but instead of a guiltless day of bad TV with my mom and dad, I get to stagger to where I left my cellphone and call out of work with my fabulous new Crackwhore Minnie Mouse voice, and feel all guilty about it because I know there is no one to cover my shift and we are behind at work.


At least the Rat Husband is off work today, so I have sent him forth to buy some medicine and a new thermometer, since ours broke some time back and while a furnace-face and achy body is a pretty good indicator of a fever, I'd still like to keep track of this shit. Also, NyQuil. Lots of NyQuil.

p.s.: Fun Fact! I had a BAD cold for like three weeks last year, and was taking so much DayQuil that I developed an allergy to Red 40! It's why I have an Epi-Pen! Stupid food dyes.

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