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Playing telephone tag with the Fertility clinic

So I had a monitoring bloodwork and ultrasound appointment set for day 14 of my cycle. Then late in the afternoon, on day 13 i go to the washroom, and discover I am bleeding.

It was too late to call the clinic, but it seems to stop again in the evening, so I think maybe it's some midcycle bleeding. It is accompanied by something that feels like mittelschertz, as well. When I get up in the morning though, it is back again, and heavier.

Anyways, I go in for my tests, and when I see the nurse, she tells me that my follicles have not grown at all since day 10. I tell her about the bleeding, and she asks me if it is like spotting? I tell her I have never spotted, so I dont know. She advises me to book an appointment for Thursday, but if it doesn't stop, to call on Wed, and ask to book a review with my Dr. I tell her I already have a review booked for early July, and that there where no dates available before then when I booked.


So on Wed. I am still bleeding, but it is a crazy day and I don't get to call before 2:45. The clinic stops answering the phones at 3. I talk to reception, who transfers me to the nurses, but the phone rings and rings, and no one picks up. I call back, and somehow manage to get a nurse instead of reception, who listens, and then says to keep the Thursday appointment, but to tell reception to switch it from a monitoring appointment to a day 3 appointment (more tests for day 3). The nurse then transfers me back to reception but by then it is 3 and no one answers. So I leave a message saying I need to turn my already existing appointment into a day 3.

1/2 an hour later when I am busy again with students, my cell starts ringing again. I find out later it is reception at th clinic, and they leave a message saying they talked to the nurse and I can't come Thurs because they are already fully booked and I will have to book for Fri.


Yes, and I am one of those bookings.

So I leave another message for reception, saying that I already have an appointment, and that unless someone calls me before my appointment, (which is early tomorrow, before they start answering the phones, so I can't call them,) I will be coming in for the scheduled appointment. Because if you don't give the, 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment, they charge you. So it's not like I can just not go.


Also I am kind of weirded out by the abnormal bleeding, and also, they detected some kind of cyst on my last ultrasound that wasn't there on the day 10. So I want to see them sooner rather than later.

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