I'm an avid listener to the Stephanie Miller Show, a morning progressive/liberal talk show syndicated out of KTLK in Los Angeles. There's been a hot debate about the sentencing and comparisons between Manning and Edward Snowden not to mention the epic shouting match about the NSA. My concern this morning: He, his, him.

The initial coverage was depicted nicely by Erin Gloria Ryan on Jez but this was talk radio. More so, it's what talk radio (sometimes) emulates: person-to-person conversation.


There are so many larger issues involved but my focus normally goes to the individual and Chelsea is in a unique position. She's been through torture or treatment that nears it. She's entering into a military prison system for the majority of her adult years. Whatever remnants of control she had over her life are soon to be gone.

With her public announcement (which I could imagine was approved by a therapist), she's asserting the little control she might still hold. It's SHE. It's CHELSEA.

It's uncomfortable to play the Pro-noun Game but it's the least we can do for her.


Wikipedia has been the best with Pro-noun Conversion Therapy with other media outlets following and even going back through older articles to edit. I hope it continues both in print and in real life.