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I've been dutifully following my "friends" or people that I admire, and I followed "groupthink.kinja.com" as well. I also see that you can follow the Jezebel main page. I think I've finally figured out how I'm going to use Kinja's private view. All people I followed? Their comments are there. All the blogs? Yup, there too. My own comments (I like looking through to find particular discussions)? Also there. I think this can limit my insatiable need to switch between tabs.

I read a comment a few days ago asking about how to get from groupthink to the main page, the main page to groupthink, etc. - I think this might be the (intended?) way.

If you're an author in any of the forums, those show up when you click on your username, btw.


Here's a screenshot (sorry if it's too small, or doesn't upload the first time):

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