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Pleasantly surprised by MP comments

I saw the MP post on South Dakota and cringed while I prepared to read the comments. I'm from SD, and though I no longer live there (and probably never will again due to my career) I loved growing up there and am proud of our many claims to fame.


I went to the article, prepared to internet-fight with a bunch of people who were disparaging South Dakota, but was pleasantly surprised to find many of the posts were positive! It made me so happy, because many people I've met since moving away from SD have a hard time remembering what state I'm from. It was great to read so many out-of-staters raving about the Black Hills/Badland/Deadwood.

One point that was depressing was that only one commenter point out that the real reason it's sad Obama hasn't visited isn't because of Mount Rushmore/Badlands/etc., but because South Dakota has 4 out of the 5 poorest counties in the US, and another few in the top 30 or so. Obviously, a empty appearance or speech wouldn't do a lot to fix that, but the state of reservations (which comprise these poorest counties) in SD tends to be ignored both locally and nationally.

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