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Just when I was starting to forget about thus family the father is mentioned right on the cover of the National Enquirer or as I call it Pravda for Idiots.


Now I followed this case from the start. Totally engrossed in this and the trial. Q1ee3ee33ee33e3e3333e3eeee33eeeeeee3ee3eeeeeeeeeeee3eqe3 father George gave me bad vibes he seemed like a classic bully but something more. I remember the defense attorney’s openning arguments and when George took that sertand and I flipped from She Is Guilty to We Have A Second Suspect thus reasonabke doubt. George gave off to me such bad vibes that to me he could have been the murderer as defense argued.

So in the interview George says he believes his own daughter overdosed.Caylee with at least Xanax. George also said Zanny the Nanny stood for Xanax. I wanted to scream “oh shut up George”.

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