Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It has just been reported that another person in ICE detention has died. If you feel at all concerned about what we are doing to migrants, asylum seekers, and to undocumented immigrants, please do call your members of congress. I just called all of mine.

I had to call 8 numbers for one of my senators before someone picked up. Generally mornings are far better, but I needed to do something now.


I tried something different this time and I asked to talk to the person who could tell me what my member of congress was doing and planned to do. This was the first time I have tried this (usually I just blurt out my concerns) and it led to some really nice conversations with staffers.

I told them I was a psychologist and shared my concerns from that perspective - as well as my concerns as a constituent. I then asked them to log my concerns and had some talking points I wanted them to take down.

Consider calling, if you can. It really does help. They need to hear from us - and we need them to hear our concerns.

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