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Please calm me down

I had the worst night's sleep in a long time. I'm supposed to hear back from schools today about acceptance. Well last night, around 12:30, I stupidly checked online forums to see if anyone had already received any acceptance emails to one of the schools I should hear from, and a few people did. So of course I couldn't sleep all night and kept waking up because, um, I didn't get an email at midnight and have been so anxiety-stricken ever since. But I should be hearing back regardless of acceptance or not. It's 11 AM now, and still nothing. I looked at previous years' threads, and emails did roll in at different times in the day. But I don't know...I'm not able to calm myself down, and I don't have anyone to talk to since they're all at work or school.

So pweaze, can you make me feel a wittle better?


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