I've mentioned it before, but tomorrow my family is moving houses. My parents and sister are excited, but I've been dreading this day like no other. This is the last night I'll be sleeping in this house, ever. This is the house I spent my high school years in and what I called home-home when I was away in university. It's SO fucking hard to not stop feeling so sad about this. I need to focus and study right now, but I keep thinking about this move and leaving this house, and I just can't deal with it. I'm so sad, it's like incomprehensible. Maybe some of you can understand.

I've moved before. I moved to America when I was 5, moved right after kindergarten, moved after elementary school, and moved right before high school. Moving to a new home is not new to me. But this is by far the hardest move for me thus far. I feel devastated. I don't want to feel this way :( this will still be my parents' house, and we're only moving less than 15 minutes away.