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Please Do Not Let Hildi From Trading Spaces Near My House spoilers








Anyone watch the latest episode? Dear god what was she thinking. The bedroom had about 7 colors on the wall including 2 on one wall and a painted floor with fiveish colors drawn like a pie chart and curtains each side a different color.


The husbands response when seeing it said that he did not think he could sleep in the room.

It did not rival the straw room but this was up there. I am grateful they did not put her on While You Were Gone with the woman who had breast cancer that would have been utterly cruel if she did a bedroom like this. That show one team  had Frank from Trading Spaces and Vern other team was the couple from Love It Or List It the husband was even whinier and more annoying then on LIOLI, I think they are married. 

I do love Hildi though I just want her far away from my house.

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