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I haven’t been too shy about hating where I work. I am just waiting for June to roll around so I can get the hell out of here, but June feels so far away.

Anyway, I’m in a DGAF place with everything and am doing mostly what I please in the classroom—not deviating too far from what’s expected of me, but not bothering to toe the line if I don’t want to either. I have a coworker who feels similarly, but who has less experience and constantly questions herself. We’ve been going back and forth on a grade-level common project that we both want to deviate from, with me more committed to it and her less so.

She texts me tonight saying that she had an interesting conversation with a lead teacher...but that she’ll keep me in the dark about until tomorrow.


WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY? I have largely stopped checking email at work, do the majority of my grading at work, and really try to leave work at work. Now, I’m obsessing over this bullshit cryptic text when all I want to do is watch Netflix and procrastinate on my own homework.

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