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Please don't offer what you can't give

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I've had to delay plans and re-arrange them because of family.

I needed a place to stay for a conference. It was all in order, everything ready because I'd be house sitting. It was all okay.


And now they've decided not to go away and now I can't stay there. No, this isn't the first time this has happened.

This is a consistent problem. We'll have worked everything out. There's not feeling of resistance. Or that they don't want to do it. And BAM, usually the day before I get kicked. At least this time it's 2 months notice.


I get it. It's their house. But seriously. Don't offer me shit you have no intention of ever giving it to me. And when you tell me, actually mention this means I can't stay. Don't make me ask.

Do not make me ask "Can I still stay?"

It's your responsibility to say "Umm things have changed and we can't let you stay anymore."

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