I know this guy who was super-conservative and made all sorts of logical fallacies. Then he went to college and took a freaking logic class and started noticing that the conservative "argument" was often rhetoric but logically nonsensical. I started telling him that he was being indoctrinated. This morning, on Facebook, he fell off the wagon.

"Well, Obama lied about people being able to keep their own health care. How do you feel about him NOW liberals?"

Well, since you asked, pretty much the same because contrary to conservative rhetoric, no one actually thought that Obama was flawless! Thanks, Loaded Question Man! But then... in the distance... another white male opinion appeared....

"Now people with dentures have to pay for dental insurance and blind people have to pay for vision and I have to pay for maternity care even though I'll never use it because I'm snipped."


Oh, so this is the new conservative gotcha for men who don't think that they should pay for women's health care without having to admit that? Pulling a "think of the disabled people" that shows that the speaker doesn't understand the disability in question?

Dentures are made by dentists. Blind people go to the eye doctor. Legally blind people who can technically see a little bit go to the eye doctor at much greater expense than people with perfect vision. I'll help pay if a man gets testicular cancer even though I can't. Maternity care drives down health care costs for children. Oh and hey, douchebro? Your vasectomy, if covered by insurance, was paid for in part by lesbians, who I guarantee have no intention of obtaining a vasectomy of their own. Love, A Woman Who Will Never Use Maternity Care But Who Knows You're Making Shit Up to Hide Your Intent to Discriminate Against Women.