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give guidance/advice to my little sister.

She's 22 and has pretty much been run through the mill by people she thought she could trust. I've talked here before about our sexual abuse at the hands of a relative when we were quite young and how she had it so much worse than me, and every boy she's dated (she's straight as far as I know) has fucked her over so badly, too. Girls she had been friends with for years and boys she had been dating for years have committed horrible betrayals of trust with regards to her romantic relationships, and it seem to happen to her over and over. Most recently her fling has started propositioning her roommate, who in turn has a history of aggressively attempting to dominate her through backhanded compliments in front of men, and of bringing multiple men who she has been involved with back to their place despite being asked not to. She already knows that she can't continue to see this guy, and dealing with the roommate is a constant battle.


This all sounds kind of horribly normal to me since she's at the age where everybody is a horny egoist and I have been there too and have experienced much of the same things. All I can think to tell her is that she's awesome and she will find her people, but it feels...shallow. Has anyone received good advice about how to deal with feeling like you're the loser common denominator in life's tragedies? She's already chemically depressed and I don't want her to give up on people.

Smart, sassy, and/or solid advice is what we need here, so if you got it I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance GT, you guys rock at advice or I wouldn't be a-botherin ya. Hugs, y'all.

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