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Please Help Me Be Healthy!

I'm on a health and exercise kick and I want to keep going! But I really kind of hate going to the gym - it's boring to me, and I have some serious physical limitations that make it hard to do any kind of weight work, so it's mostly cardio right now. Which is SUPER boring. So I'm looking for your best fitness apps! I figure if I make this fun and kind of relaxing then I'll be more inclined to stick with it. Also, I was thinking about maybe doing audiobooks when I'm at the gym; I don't really have time to read for pleasure and I miss it, so I'm thinking that combining working out (which I hate) with hearing stories (which I love/find very relaxing) will create a kind of "me time" aura around the gym.

So: your best fitness and audiobook apps for IOS please please pretty please!

To give you some context, this is what I think the best use of a treadmill is:


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