(I actually got that photo from a site selling it in earnest โ€” what the what?)

HELP ME. I desperately need stylish raincoats โ€” one that is smart to wear to work and such, one that is more like a "I like to hike, but I still like to look good." I am having bad luck so far.

I am a size 16, tall, fairly hourglass shaped. (I do have somewhat of a thick waist, but it's balanced by a large chest and hips.) It seems when I shop, everything size 16 and above goes into "giant sack" territory. I've made do with a nicely cute Michael Michael Kors jacket for several years, but even that was a bit too big and swingy for my happiness.

For the more dressy coat, hoping for something that would fall a little above the knee. For the more sporty coat, I just want it to have some SHAPE. Hoods are a must. : (


I've been making myself crazy on Nordstrom, Zappos, Land's End, LL Bean โ€” anyone have any suggestions?