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Please help me get into the Halfpence's brain.

According to my son, he doesn't like his father.

Now, that's not entirely true. It's just what he says. A few months ago the HP started to randomly say "I like you, Mommy." Was never prefaced with anything, there was nothing that seemed to trigger the comments. He started saying in when we were silently driving in the car.

Of course, I thought it was the best thing ever. But then he started saying that he didn't like daddy. This usually is not offered up out of nowhere, I will ask him who else he likes and he will rattle off grandparents names and when I ask about his father he will say "I don't like daddy."


Last night he told me he was mad at my ex. I couldn't really get anything out of him as to why.

I am not worried, per se, but I really don't understand kids and while this might normally be no big deal, things like this can feel like bigger issues when you're in the process of splitting your child between parents.

I will say this, to give some context. At the moment I have the HP 4 nights, Sunday through Wednesday. So, I basically have him for the grind of the week and probably end up seeing him less than my ex, who has him Thursday through Saturday nights. That said, I am temporarily staying with my parents and I think he feels more grounded in our home. My ex does stay at his parents house on the weekends when he comes back from SF (he's in the process of looking for an apartment in the city....that's another story) but they live in this huge, old, kind of falling apart Victorian and I don't feel like it's as much of a home-base for the HP. Plus, at our house he's allowed to watch his NASA videos and Daniel Tiger (my ex is super anal about television).

He's also making comments about liking girls but not liking boys. Even though his BFF at school is a boy (all other friends are girls) and he likes my dad. He's also started grouping genders—like he will say, when we're in the car, "we're turning right. I like to turn right. Mommy likes to turn right. Papa Jon likes to turn left. Grandma Lisa likes to turn right. Daddy likes to turn left."

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