So on the more mundane side of things, we *finally* got some furniture delivered today, that we bought like....a month ago, and was supposed to be delivered within ten days. I'm putting it together now, but am taking a quick break.

The bonus is that the furniture has arrived (barely) in time for our house warming party tonight! Yaaaaaaaay.

So this is where the advice portion comes in.

We are having a bunch of people over - it's too many people to cook a proper meal for, but not so many people that I could get away with just throwing bags of crisps at people and shouting "CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU". Precisely, we are having eleven people over, and in a flat our size, a sit down meal really isn't possible.


The focus will be on drinking, but I need to provide something a bit more substantial than just snacks.

I asked Mr Kay Kay and he was like "COOK YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS!!!" to which I was like....


What? Yorkshire puddings? Just on their own? Like...a plate of yorkshire puddings? That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.


Other Mr KK suggestions were: pigs in blankets (mini sausages cooked with bacon wrapped around them) and savoury muffins (which I've only tried to do once, and came out okay, but not great).

Being french, most people will expect that I am a terrible cook, so I'd like to try and prove them wrong. That said, Mr KK speaks often about how I'm a great cook, so I don't want to cook something and have them be like "YOU CALL THIS GOOD COOKING??".


Guys....please please help me out with some ideas. I have so much to do before people start getting here at seven, and Mr KK won't be getting home before 1900 either. So I have to decide what I'm cooking so I can go do the shopping (two trips I think since heavy bags), and then finish off everything else.

Like the putting together of furniture.

And the actual cooking.

And the cleaning of the house - minimum two hours. seriously. I panic.

And the laundry.

And the general tidying up.

And the throwing away of the giant cardboard boxes that the furniture came in.

And the getting myself ready.

So far I'm thinking something super basic, like pizza, and ham with boursin (it's a typical french party thing. You basically take strips of ham and roll them up with boursin inside), and maybe the savoury muffins if they come out okay.


Oh fuck I have no idea.

Please help.