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Please help me phone (Android Edition)

It’s finally happened.

My Samsung S5 appears to have gone to its knees, given a Shakespearean soliloquy, and, erm, breathed it’s last.

(Boring translation: the charger port has broken, any warranty I had is long since gone, and I went to two different guys in the mall who each laughed and told me it would be cheaper to buy a new phone off Ebay. )


I’m thinking this might be a good chance to upgrade because my phone has been slowing down for a while now. I don’t want to spend a ton and I’m feeling little overwhelmed right now by techradar and reddit reviews.

What do the android havers out there in Kinja-land swear by?

My major concerns are: battery life and storage space-and also something that still has a headphone jack. Anything else is bells and whistles. And to repeat what I said above, price is a real consideration.

I’ve been eyeing some refurbished S7s on ebay. But I’m a bit nervous about the lack of a replaceable battery with that.

Any recommendations from the hivemind would be much appreciated. I’m not necessarily set on the Samsung Galaxys, it’s just what I’m used to and what I know I like. (Definitely android though-I’m not really interested in an iphone. )

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