McMike from OppositeLock left a comment on a KinjaHelp post I wrote yesterday asking for some help testing a Kinja upgrade to image loading.

To help him, click this link and leave a comment below on this post (don't leave it on that link, probably should have made that clear) to let him know if you can or can't see the three images on that article.

I'll quote his full comments for the record:

Hey everyone, do yourselves (and me) a favor, and check out Jalopnik's version of Groupthink, "Oppositelock," and tell me if you can see the images from your office.

(For instance, this one. There should be three images in the post) Can you see them from work?

Sure, thumbnails of youtube videos display, but nothing else does.

There is a new image hosting service that Kinja is testing, and will probably roll out to all the sites. For some reason, some networks are filtering the URL.

I'm curious how many of you will be affected by this service.


There are a few of us over in oppositelock whose network is filtering the new service. It's being enabled/disabled on Jalopnik on a regular basis. They started using it the week of Christmas for resizing photos.

Some details:…

Since most of Gawker's reader's don't visit our little side forum, I don't think Gawker has any idea how many people will stop reading these sites during the day. It could just be a few networks, but we'll never know until it's rolled out.