Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, after 2 weeks of "vacation" spent either slaving away at the college book sale or being called into work DESPITE BEING ON VACATION, I have finally got around to refinishing my bathtub. The etching part is going beautifully. The tub has never looked so good. I'd leave it with a matte finish only I know it would just trap more gunge. I have successfully removed the overflow drain (as instructed), but dammit, I can't get the drain out of the bottom of the tub. It is not a twist-and-stop drain (or if it was originally, it hasn't been for about 25 years) and my theories that it would either pull out or twist out have both been disproven. I tried soaking it in WD-40 to loosen it up a bit. No go. I tried a little CLR in case there was a big lime buildup (we have hard water, here in TO). No go. I have googled various how-to-remove-bathroom-drain videos, none of which have been much help: the one that came closest required a socket wrench, and although I am fairly well equipped in terms of my toolbox, I do not own a socket set. Have any of you done this successfully? Have you Helpful Hints as to how I can wrench the brat out of the bottom of the tub without breaking anything? or, when I start the refinishing part, shall I just delicately paint around it and hope for the best?

*knuckles eyes* Daddy? Help?


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