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I think we can all agree that right now sucks. There’s holiday stress but no one has vacation yet, the weather is starting to get shitty but at least where I live it remains unpredictable and we have no pretty snow yet, and everyone is so goddamn sick.

A week ago today I started coming down with a cold (having just gotten over the last one). Then I ran out of dayquil yesterday but couldn’t manage a trip to buy more. Last night I got a nosebleed just as I was trying to go to sleep, which I already was having trouble with because of the coughing that’s worse when lying down. My throat hurts, my neck hurts, I keep getting hot/cold chills (but my obsessive checking with my digital thermometer tells me I don’t actually have a fever, so wtf?).


AND NOW I HAVE THE GODDAMN STOMACH FLU. Gastroenteritis, on top of everything else!!! Did I mention my final paper is due tonight? I am literally bleeding out my face and coughing up mucous, and that’s not even the grossest of it. And yeah, I have mucinex (which omg, do they put actual gold in mucinex? It is SO EXPENSIVE!) and nasal saline rinse, but I am out of pepto bismol and dayquil. I am having some dry toast and chamomile tea, but it bums me out how each of those two things seems blander than the other. Chamomile tea is somehow more boring than water to me.

This is what I get for being a nanny and working in a school, I guess. The moral of this story is that children are disgusting, and now so am I. I’m basically a ball of pain right now, but I am NOT about to ask for an extension on this paper. It may suck, but it is GOING TO HAPPEN. (It will suck.)

Please join me in complaining about stuff, anything that’s bumming you out or pissing you off. This is a safe space for pettiness and whining.


Alternately, if anyone has something positive to share that they think will cheer folks up, have at it! Especially if it’s competitive bunny jumping videos.

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