I just kicked some code's ass. It was spaghetti, and now it's clean and elegant and the client was charmed by my jokes and wants to hire me to fix more things.


I read Smithwellette's amazing post while I was finishing up, so I did the last hour or so of work while ugly crying. I spend a lot of time all over the internet, from tiny sites to huge sites, and by far, most of the pieces I've read in the last year that have really touched me, not in the smarmy way XOJane or Thought Catalog try to do, have been right here. Groupthink, your stories are compelling. They're raw and honest and beautiful, and I'm so glad you share them with the rest of us.

I'm slap happy and sleep deprived and maybe just a tiny bit inebriated, but I love you Groupthink, and all you stand for.