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That things will go well at my rheumatology appointment and I won't be blown off and told it's nothing/it's all in my head.

I'm really concerned because I've been fighting this cold for over a week now and it only seems to be getting incrementally better. I have the raspy voice of Lindsay Lohan, and I feel a million times worse than I did yesterday because I volunteered for 3 hours today. But my muscle aches started long before the cold even entered the picture. It's been an ongoing thing for months. But now I'm worried that since I have this cold, the doctor is going to chalk up my months long aches and pains to this stupid cold. They can see past that, right?


I feel terrible, guys. Because of the cold and ongoing muscle aches this cold feels more like the flu, and the flu has been ruled out. And now I have anxiety because I'm scared I won't be believed, and that doesn't help.

Am I freaking out for nothing? Please tell me I am.

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