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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Please recommend some GOOD YA/ childrens books!

I miss reading good writing. I feel like much of YA I've read in the past few years has an intriguing enough plot that dwindles into a soggy love triangle and the same tired supernatural or dystopian tropes.

I am quite partial to fantasy—I loved Seraphina— but also enjoy more realistic books. So, what are your favorites? To give you a scattered idea of the books I like: Prettty much anything by Diana Wynn Jones. His Dark Materials. Any good dragon story. Thr Book Thief. The Arthur Trilogy by Kevin Crossley Holland. The Grave Yard Book. A lot of books that are newberry winners.


I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed 'Looking for Alaska' because I was positively underwhelmed by 'The Fault in Our Stars'

Any suggestions welcome!

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