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Please Save Me From My Own Stubborn Self

I am in the stupidest fucking Twitter argument with, for lack of a better word, a twit. Please stop me.

She is clearly wealthy, super young, self-identified Christian Libertarian. She is an aspiring journalist and television reporter, which I interpret to mean she wants to be a Fox News blond.


I shouldn’t ever have responded to a dumbass tweet she made about lazy poor people collecting government benefits, but for some reason it just GOT to me. Ugh! I have been trying to push an angle of encouraging her to have more compassion for low income folks because I don’t want to engage her on her dumbass libertarian ideas, including a flat tax, which she just keeps fucking tweeting about. She is so young, you guys, and so ignorant, and most likely genuinely dumb on top of all that.

She knows that poor people are lazy because her extended family is lazy. All of them. And none of them ever work because Obama gives them so much money. She claims that they have said this to her. Besides the obvious lie that this is, it’s worth noting that she says her parents WORKED HARD (allcaps hers) to make it out. Basically, they worked, she doesn’t have to. She is convinced that a progressive tax is a grave injustice against wealthy folks. She is a judgmental asshole.

OK, I feel better. I had to let all that out. I’m so embarassed that I have been engaged with her for so long.

Please send funny gifs to distract me so I am not tempted to reply anymore.

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