Yes. That headline is real. Okay. Please view this vine and settle a fight between me and Lovely Girlfriend.

LG is super pissed at me because she maintains that this is cruel. I say that it is not. I spun the fan with my hand, I repeat, the fan is not on. I was literally standing right there, in case anything happened. Now that I have freaked you out by mentioning a fan (?!?!?) please go watch the vine.

LG sent me an angry text saying, "What I saw on twitter seemed very cruel and I know cats like to jump to grab things and all it took was him to jump at the wrong time and he has a hold on the string and he twists his neck or the fan breaks or something else that's bad."

I really don't think the physics of that are possible? I just... "cruelty" does not red flag in my brain here? It would be mean if he chased this string for three hours, but literally this only occurred for about ten seconds. Frankly Dr. Kitty enjoyed it and curled up on my chest and fell asleep purring after I tired him out.


Anyway, LG hasn't spoken to me in 12 hours and we are supposed to get in a car and drive 5 hours together tomorrow morning.

If you DO find this to be animal cruelty... I'm sorry. Like, seriously I did not think that something like this was. Please feel free to mark this as character flaw and maybe think I am a bad person, I will accept your yelling. Better yet, explain to me how I could have harmed the cat and I will maybe see the light.


....Also, don't judge me because I still sleep with a stuffed animal, okay!

ETA: Girlfriend is not the cat owner, wasn't even there. I think she is currently a little hormonal because she upped her hormone intake recently so... I didn't want to be like IS SHE JUST BEIN CRAY YALL but maybe she was just having a weepy night.


ETA2: I am a girl ;)