I’m not concerned about possible doxxing, but yesterday I received some tragic news. Two seniors from my alma mater were killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon after their vehicle left the road and struck a tree. Two others are injured.

Hawken School is a private co-ed in the Cleveland suburbs of Lyndhurst and Gates Mills. My class’ ten year reunion is tonight and the school’s centennial celebration is throughout this weekend. We are a small-ish institution (my class was 98 students) and so even though many of my class don’t know these students, our whole community is reeling. School at both campuses is closed today, but their are grief counselors at the Upper School for those students who choose to make use of them until 3pm. All four students in the crash were senior boys, the two who passed away played lacrosse.

If you have a spare moment today, please send good thoughts and light to their families and a community I still hold very very dear to my heart. Thank you.

Updated because it's very kind: University School, another private all-boys school in our area and our biggest sports rival posted a photo of their student body in red t-shirts (our school colors are red and gray). ::sigh:: a glimmer of light at a dark moment.