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Please send me good vibes.

I have an interview tomorrow. This is probably the most important interview of my career so far.

If I get the job, it means I get to go back to Texas. Yay lower cost of living with a raise! Yay paying off my student loans and BEING A SUPER IMPORTANT SUPER SUPERVISOR TYPE RESPONSIBLE PERSON. It also means that I'd be leaving MitsuBT here. :(

I'm going to try my damnedest to knock the interviewers socks off, though it's a phone interview, and those are always tougher for me. Even if I don't get the job, I need to be at the forefront of these manager's brains because I will be trying to get back to Texas in the future. I want them to think about me for every position they post from now on.


The competition is super stiff, though. I'm going up against people who have been with the company for a lot longer, and two of the interviewees are already supervisors or managers and are just looking to take a lateral transfer to relocate back to Texas. One candidate is actually a branch manager looking to take a step down because his wife just got transferred to Texas with her job. And he used to be a supervisor at a Dallas office, so he knows everyone.

My interview isn't til 9, so I get to sleep in and be all relaxed, and MitsuBT is on his way over to watch a movie with me right now. He'll probably spend the night, too. Which probably isn't a good idea because I should probably sleep as much as possible before the interview, but I don't care. I need cuddles and stuff.

So...I guess maybe send me some good luck and/or good vibes, GT!

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