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Welcome To The Bitchery

I know this happens a lot in television and movies — wedding is supposed to take place but one person bails publicly on the nuptials. My mom always told me that it only happens in fiction, but after sharing my story where my ex told me he was planning not to show up on our wedding day despite enthusiastic planning on his part, I'm curious. (No, we never made it to the altar.)

If you were at a wedding where one person didn't show up or the vows didn't happen for whatever reason, please share. What did you do? Who announced it? Are you supposed to go to the reception as planned?


I'll start. A friend of mine went to her cousin's wedding where the groom was a complete no show. She said it was super awkward, and the reception didn't occur as planned. Everyone just went home. The couple did marry six months later in a private ceremony (dear GOD would I love to hear that story).


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