Please stop the "I feel sorry for black and brown people" posts. PLEASE

Over the last week we have seen some of the worst violence against Black communities in recent memory. Aside from the callous, cold blooded murder of an unarmed teen, Michael Brown in Ferguson, we have seen a community terrorized by the police force.

But what I have also seen, is unfortunately, the non-stop springing up of written pieces by white people to tell us how sorry they feel for us. Or that "they will never know what it is like" to live a life like we do. Sorry people, but NO SHIT. I think that there is a line between empathy and pity. A lot of these recent pieces that I have been eyeing do the latter. "I will never know what it is like to feel punished for my skin" that's right you won't, but do not feel bad for us because we are not white skinned. I personally love my skin color, while I am a lighter Latina, I still have brown and olive tones in my skin, that I love so much. Don't feel sad because we are darker than you, most of us love who we are, our skin tone brings with it tradition, centuries of survival, of hope and lucha(fight).

More than anything, guilty white ladies,feel bad for your inactivity. For your lack of realization that this was a thing until you could not get it off of your computer or television screen. We mourned for Oscar Grant a few years ago, yet the tone was not the same. Our communities have lost countless of brothers and sisters to violence perpetuated by the police, this is not new, so why do you, all of a sudden realize that your privilege is real? Perhaps, if you had come to this realization during the last election, you would have voted differently? Perhaps if you knew what our lives look like daily, what the fear feels like, you would ask your police force for accountability? MAYBE you stop transferring your kids out of schools where there are a lot of black and brown kids and you stick it out and insist on better resources for everyone (I am looking at you Oakland and San Francisco moms). Fight for equality, not just the well being of your children.

No, please do not feel sorry for me or my Black sisters now, because we have been feeling this pain for far too long. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what made it so that you were able to ignore what we have been saying and what you will do differently now that you have the chance. Spare us your "I feel sorry for you" Pieces and mobilize within your community to make things better not just for your white guilt to go away, but for everyone.