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Please Support My Burt Reynolds NanoWriMo-ed Religious/Spiritual Historical Biography

Hello, I saw all of you talking about NanoWriMo, and to be honest, I thought it was some sort of new iPhone attachment. But, no, guess what it turns out it's a National Novel Writing Month, and a lot of you are jumping right in like BAMFs to do some writing!

I thought this is the perfect time dust off a project that has been near and dear to my heart for some time. I will be joining all of your epic awesome quests to get some writing done this month and we can motivate each other. And by 'motivate,' I mean that some of you, from time to time, may be called on to offer up an alibi if needed. We can talk about that another time.

Anyway, here is my page with the pertinent details. Here is the summary:

This book is religious historical novel involving Burt during many of the key moments in his life and career that led him to be an esteemed spiritual leader. Basically the reader will get to learn not only the teachings of Burt, and get to know the enlightened wisdom that has brought so many of followers to a higher spiritual plane, but also get inside Hollywood dirt on all the women he slept with and stuff. Basically it's like a religious historical novella, which I think could be used in schools and classrooms and church and stuff, if we got somebody good to do the art.


I do not have a title for it yet, but I was thinking of something like Standing In The Glory Of The Light: Wisdom, Heart and The Bandit. But I am totally open to if they want to change it for mass distribution or whatever.

I am sure many of you historical students or religious scholars will want to learn as much about this project as possible, in the interest of academia. I am willing to sit down and share my research with all of you, once the book has secured the movie rights.

Also if anyone would like to help me do some cover art for the book. I just need something to show all the literary agents and publishers that will come calling for this book once it is completed.

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