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Please talk me into not screwing over myself

I do not know what to do with myself.

Right now I have a teaching job that is fairly easy. It pays well. There is a ton of time off. The benefits are great. I love where I live. I have friends nearby.

But this job is meh. I like the teaching and mostly the students. But I hate other academics. They are so full of themselves for no reason. I cannot write nor understand academic language, which seems to be created to keep people out rather than encourage accessibility to research.


And mostly - I just find other academics to be incredibly unprofessional. They don’t work together. They act in ways that would get them fired in the real world (refusing to copy me in on department emails, for example.) I hate the way tenured professors are able to bully non-tenured professors without any consequences.

So. I’ve been encouraged to apply for this dream job. It is not in academia. It would be much, much harder than what I’m doing now. It would be crazy hard hours in a new city where I don’t know anyone. The benefits would suck.


But it would be... fun. It would be a challenge. I would work with similarly minded smart people whose goals are to make things better and shine the light into dark places, and not solely exist to puff up their CV from their ivory tower.

So what do you choose?

Job a: Lots of time off, easy, good money, benefits. Your job does not make you happy and you hate the people you work with.


Job b: Much more stressful. Not as good money or benefits. Don’t know anyone. Work that is satisfying and meaningful.

Also, you’re middle-aged, no husband, no kids.

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